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27 fév 2020 à 22:43 We ordered for a group, the food was very good, but the amount of rice sent was not enough for all dishes.
24 fév 2020 à 10:12 45 min de retard, pas de riz, cheveux dans les plats, une bière et Goodwill (après appel avec le restaurant qui manque de respect au client et ne parle ni couramment le français ni l’anglais). 32€ de commande pour 2 petites portions viande/sauce. Scandale
3 fév 2020 à 0:34 The Pulaouv rice dish was very worst and looked like a just half baked white rice. Its waste of 3 euros. Plz make Pulaou rice as how it should be. There was no any ingredients and rice was dried which made me impossible to even heat in oven.
30 jan 2020 à 19:23 Food was okay not so good mixed veg was not prepared as it should be also packing was not good all mix veg was completely pulled out
28 jan 2020 à 19:12 Good portions, tasty food!
13 jan 2020 à 16:09 C’est le top
26 déc 2019 à 0:02 I would not say that the food was exceptional. It was okayish. The quantities could have been a bit better.The delivery was super quick and made in said time. The restaurant was open despite it being Christmas.Plus I got a complementary beer.
10 déc 2019 à 4:48 Quantity is very less
7 déc 2019 à 21:19 Chicken Momo is exceptional
2 déc 2019 à 14:07 Osm